Servant Of God Quotes

Servant Of God Quotes by Joseph Campbell, Reinhard Bonnke, Joel Osteen, Charles Spurgeon, Kenneth Copeland, Lysa TerKeurst and many others.


‎”Make your god transparent to the transcendent, and it doesn’t matter what his name is.”
Joseph Campbell
The less Holy Spirit we have, the more cake and coffee we need to keep the church going.
Reinhard Bonnke
At this very moment, God’s working behind the scenes in your life, arranging things in your favor. Stay in faith!
Joel Osteen
Serve God with integrity, and if you achieve no success, at least no sin will lie upon your conscience.
Charles Spurgeon
Never base your faith on your feelings. Base it on God’s Word.
Kenneth Copeland
Nobody can do as much damage to the church of God as the man who is within its walls, but not within its life.
Charles Spurgeon
I believe that many professing Christians are cold and uncomfortable because they are doing nothing for their Lord; but if they actively served him, their blood would begin to circulate spiritually, and it would be well with them.
Charles Spurgeon
If you desire to please God with the decision you make and afterward it proves to be a mistake, it’s an error not an end.
Lysa TerKeurst
As Elisabeth Elliot points out, not even dying a martyr’s death is classified as extraordinary obedience when you are following a Savior who died on a cross. Suddenly a martyr’s death seems like normal obedience.
David Platt
Use me, God. Show me how to take who I am, who I want to be, and what I can do, and use it for a purpose greater than myself.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Bible in the memory is better than the Bible in the book case.
Charles Spurgeon
We are all servants. The only question is whom we will serve.
R. C. Sproul
When I see Jesus Christ I simply want to be what He wants me to be.
Oswald Chambers
He who plants a tree is a servant of God.
Louis L’Amour
Being made merely in the image of God but not otherwise resembling him enough to be mistaken by anybody but a very near sighted person.
Mark Twain
Jesus taught that your highest priority must be your relationship with Him. If anything detracts you from that relationship, that activity is not from God. God will not ask you to do something that hinders your relationship with Christ.
Henry Blackaby
We are called not to adjust ourselves to each other, but to adjust ourselves to God.
Aiden Wilson Tozer