Singing In Church Quotes

Singing In Church Quotes by Mahalia Jackson, Amy Grant, Loleatta Holloway, Paul Lynde, Daryl Hall, Florence Welch and many others.

Time is important to me because I want to sing long eno

Time is important to me because I want to sing long enough to leave a message. I’m used to singing in churches where nobody would dare stop me until the Lord arrives!
Mahalia Jackson
I started my teenage years singing in churches across America, and finally wound up on a big stage.
Amy Grant
When I was 5 years old I started singing in church and I hated my voice because I sounded like a grown woman, not a child. I was ashamed of it.
Loleatta Holloway
I sang in the choir for years, even though my family belonged to another church.
Paul Lynde
Like all soul singers, I grew up singing in church but sometimes I would leave early and sit in the car listening to gospel band, The Blind Boys of Alabama. Hearing their lead singer Clarence made me connect the idea of church and show business and see how I could make a career singing music that stirred the soul.
Daryl Hall
I started off singing in church as a child. The sound of voices coming together, that was my first moment of touching something outside of myself.
Florence Welch
I’m very soulful. I grew up singing in church. When I sing a song, I like to feel what I’m singing.
Fantasia Barrino
I started singing in church and I was probably around seven and I started singing anywhere that I could. I used to sing at my school. I was in musicals and then it kind of got to a point where I started to – wanted to do my own songs.
Avril Lavigne
My father started me singing in church.
DeForest Kelley