Strange But True Quotes

Strange But True Quotes by Napoleon Hill, Robert Green Ingersoll, Lord Byron, Eda LeShan, Harry Stack Sullivan and many others.

It is strange, but true, that the most important turnin

It is strange, but true, that the most important turning-points of life often come at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected ways.
Napoleon Hill
Strange but true: those who have loved God most have loved men least.
Robert Green Ingersoll
Tis strange,-but true; for truth is always strange; Stranger than fiction: if it could be told, How much would novels gain by the exchange! How differently the world would men behold!
Lord Byron
It is strange but true that although we may have learned all sorts of important facts while raising our own children, when we become grandparents we still tend to forget a whole lot of things we knew.
Eda LeShan
As you love yourself, so shall you love others. Strange but true, with no exceptions.
Harry Stack Sullivan
For truth is always strange; stranger than fiction.
Lord Byron