That One Person Quotes

That One Person Quotes by Zoe Saldana, Michael Moore, Jon Foreman, Jake Pavelka, Ben Greenhalgh, Usher and many others.

Not to settle. If you're not happy with a person, leave

Not to settle. If you’re not happy with a person, leave. And wait until you find that one person who makes you feel good about yourself every single day and is not expecting you to change, but to grow.
Zoe Saldana
I want Americans to realize that we are the owners of this country, and that one person can make a difference.
Michael Moore
I’m really only responsible to make sure that one person is clapping at the end of my life. Because I feel like as a performer, a lot of times you live for everyone else’s applause. That’s a dangerous thing within the church or outside the church.
Jon Foreman
When people are on ‘The Bachelor’ it gives them the opportunity to put their best foot forward, especially when you’re around the ‘Bachelor’ or the ‘Bachelorette;’ that one person who you’re vying for attention with.
Jake Pavelka
Why in times of need do we call on that one person? Why do we confide in that one person. Why do we feel safe with that one person? Why would we follow that one person anywhere? Because that person is a leader.
Ben Greenhalgh
There’s always that one person, That will always have your heart. That one person for me is you.
There is nothing anyone could ever say to convince me that one person cannot change a nation. One person can do unbelievable things. All it takes is that one person who’s willing to risk everything to make it happen.
Sam Childers
A lot of us don’t get a sense of our personal power. I know the vast difference that one person can make in changing things.
Boots Riley
Domination is not that solid and global kind of domination that one person exercises over others, or one group over another, but the manifold forms of domination that can be exercised within society.
Michel Foucault
War, hatred, and violence all spring from one infernal idea: that one person, race, creed, or culture is better than another.
Laurence Overmire
I am proof that one person can rise above any challenge, and if I can, then so will others if they are given the chance.
Emmanuel Jal
I’m not one of those people that has to look myself up every five seconds to see what people are saying. That’s been really helpful. I mean, you get thousands of compliments, and then one person will say something negative – and that’s all you’ll remember, that one person.
Carmen Electra
A lot of times, you’re circling around a lot of things, and then you find that one person, or that little piece of dialogue, and it doesn’t always have to be in person.
Nick Kroll
In fact, there is perhaps only one human being in a thousand who is passionately interested in his job for the job’s sake. The difference is that if that one person in a thousand is a man, we say, simply, that he is passionately keen on his job; if she is a woman, we say she is a freak.
Dorothy L. Sayers
If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind.
John Stuart Mill
But when we find that one person who completes us, we don’t give up. No matter how bad we screw up. We make it right.
Abbi Glines
The only advice … that one person can give another about reading is to take no advice, to follow your own instincts, to use your own reason, to come to your own conclusions.
Virginia Woolf