The One Thing Quotes

The One Thing Quotes by David Trimble, Billie Joe Armstrong, C. J. McCollum, Lane Kiffin, Mark Haddon, Apolo Ohno and many others.

The one thing I can assure you is that I'm not going to

The one thing I can assure you is that I’m not going to do a Prescott.
David Trimble
In every song I write, whether it’s a love song or a political song or a song about family, the one thing that I find is feeling lost and trying to find your way.
Billie Joe Armstrong
I don’t care how much you traveled in college, and I don’t care what kind of shape you’re in. Travel is the one thing you’re absolutely not prepared for as a rookie.
C. J. McCollum
I don’t care about what people think about me that don’t know me. But the one thing that bothers me of all the places is the general perception was that I was a failure at USC as a head coach.
Lane Kiffin
The one thing you have to do if you write a book is put yourself in someone else’s shoes. The reader’s shoes. You’ve got to entertain them.
Mark Haddon
When you reach that competing point, when you reach that time when the gun is about to go off, everyone’s level is pretty much the same. The one thing that’s going to separate you from everybody else is how you deal with those pressures, how you stay relaxed.
Apolo Ohno
My children came out as individuals in their own right. They were not my products. They had their own characters and were very strong-minded. I gave them a lot of freedom when they were still very young. The one thing they got from me is morals. They would never betray anyone. They are really good people.
Vivienne Westwood
The moment I understood this – that my Parkinson’s was the one thing I wasn’t going to change – I started looking at the things I could change, like the way research is funded.
Michael J. Fox
The point of remaking ‘Straw Dogs’ is not to replicate the philosophies of Sam Peckinpah at all. What made that film singular was the attitude that he brought to the characters. Oddly enough, that’s the one thing that I really wanted to change.
Rod Lurie
The one thing that never changes in America is that the white straight male is born with a promise. Women are not promised very much, and we embody our disappointment from the beginning.
Anna D. Shapiro
In a democracy, the one thing that cannot be done is to destroy its trust, its hope, its idealism.
Teresa Heinz
You must be ready to give up everything, not only material attachments but also human attachments – father, mother, wife, children – everything that you have. But the one thing which you have to abandon unconditionally is your self.
Bede Griffiths
The one thing from my childhood I wish would be brought back is ‘Married With Children,’ a reboot with the original cast.
Chrishell Stause
Fashion is constantly evolving throughout the seasons and within various cultural changes, but the one thing that has stayed constant is how I always want my style to be an authentic, intrinsic part of myself.
Liu Wen
I’m not doing anything Jack Nicholson turned down. Any part that required a character distanced from myself would have been a reach. But the one thing I’ve always done well at, and I’m most devoted to, is my children.
Alan Thicke
The one thing I loved so much about making ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ – especially in comparison to a movie like ‘Ten Thousand Saints’ – is you can go and be yourself, and you just know that all your weirdness and craziness and imperfections are completely embraced and accepted.
Hailee Steinfeld
When I wake up in the morning, the one thing I think about is being comfortable and wearing enough clothes.