Tough Economic Times Quotes

Tough Economic Times Quotes by Steven Rattner, Michelle Obama, Shakira, Chelsea Handler, Jesse Jackson and many others.

Not surprisingly, troubled economic times often beget p

Not surprisingly, troubled economic times often beget proselytizers of wacky, extreme ideas.
Steven Rattner
Clearly this is a tough economic time, and a lot of families are hurting. So when we talk to parents, we talk about small changes for kids and things that don’t cost extra money. Like adding water and eliminating sugary drinks and sodas. That’s going to save money right there. Or adding a few more vegetables.
Michelle Obama
In tough economic times, we have to make every dollar count, and studies have shown a return of up to $17 for every dollar invested in early childhood.
In these tough economic times, everybody has to cut back. I am down to three tabs of ecstasy a day.
Chelsea Handler
In tough economic times, desperate people do desperate things, and the abortion rate goes up.
Jesse Jackson