Troops In Iraq Quotes

Troops In Iraq Quotes by Mitch McConnell, Barack Obama, Laura Bush, Donald Trump, John McCain, Al Franken and many others.

The new troops in Iraq need to be Iraqi troops.

The new troops in Iraq need to be Iraqi troops.
Mitch McConnell
Today, I can report that, as promised, the rest of our troops in Iraq will come home by the end of the year.
Barack Obama
I also know that there are a lot of people around the United States who want my husband to win and who are for him and who support our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. And I feel good about those people, too.
Laura Bush
[Our troops in Iraq and Afganistan] does give us the ability to make sure that we are strengthening those folk who are interested in building up their countries rather than destroying them, and doing so in a way that is sustainable and doesn’t put a constant burden on the amazing men and women that we’ve got in uniform.
Barack Obama
Rand`s [Paul] a libertarian. He has a view of the world that I don`t share. He said that we shouldn`t have any troops in Iraq. He agreed with Obama that was a disaster. When there was a chance to do something constructive about Syria with a no-fly zone, he said we don`t need one.
Barack Obama
I would not have had our troops in Iraq.
Donald Trump
The majority of [the troops in Iraq] is that feel they’re doing the right thing and their parents who have also made sacrifices, generally speaking, and their proud of the services of their sons and daughters.
John McCain
As someone who’s spent time with our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan on USO tours and met wounded warriors at Walter Reed and Bethesda, I feel a deep obligation to the men and women who have risked life and limb on our behalf.
Al Franken
I saw the president make the tough calls in the Situation Room – and today, our troops in Iraq have finally come home so America can do some nation building here at home. That was the change that we believed in. That was the change we fought for. That was the change President Obama delivered.
Rahm Emanuel