Turn Back Time Quotes

Turn Back Time Quotes by Junot Diaz, Marco Pirroni, Bonnie Prudden, Richard Wright, Jodi Picoult, Ovid and many others.

John Carter was also one of our first recognizable supe

John Carter was also one of our first recognizable superhumans and there is little doubt that his extraordinary physical feats inspired Superman’s creators. Remember: before Superman could fly or turn back time, he was nothing less than an earthbound crime-fighting John Carter in tights.
Junot Diaz
I am not doctor who and I can’t turn back time. I once said the audience was all punks and little girls, now they are old punks and old little girls. I don’t mind the fans being maturer, if there are younger fans that’s good too.
Marco Pirroni
You can’t turn back the clock. But you can wind it up again.
Bonnie Prudden
I listened, vaguely knowing now that I had committed some awful wrong that I could not undo, that I had uttered words I could not recall even though I ached to nullify them, kill them, turn back time to the moment before I had talked so that I could have another chance to save myself.
Richard Wright
What I want, more than anything, is to turn back time a little. To become the kid I used to be, who believed whatever my mother said was one hundred percent true and right without looking hard enough to see the hairline crack.
Jodi Picoult
Neither can the wave that has passed by be recalled, nor the hour which has passed return again.
In any case, you can’t turn back the clock.
Michel Patini
If I could turn back time, I would tell myself that I’m beautiful every day, because we all are! And we need to start believing it!
Demi Lovato
Why would anyone want to turn back time? There is no meaning in regret, no point in thinking about thing I could have done. Because there is no guarantee that any decision is the right one.
Kazuya Minekura
If God calls me tomorrow I will go without a moment’s turning back.
Paramahansa Yogananda
I used to dream about turning back time, about reclaiming the things I’d lost and the person I used to be.
Alexandra Bracken
I wish I could turn back time, but I can’t. I made a stupid decision because I thought I was invincible, and I’ll pay for it the rest of my life.
Simone Elkeles