Twice A Week Quotes

Twice A Week Quotes by Katee Sackhoff, Paul Kagame, Irvin D. Yalom, Nate Silver, Reid Scott, Bob Iger and many others.

I'll work out with my trainer twice a week, and I'll do

I’ll work out with my trainer twice a week, and I’ll do some Power Pilates and might throw in some yoga. I love to row also. The main thing for me is just to move every single day for 30 minutes to an hour.
Katee Sackhoff
I get newspapers from Britain and other countries twice a week and read them almost page to page. Sometimes I find I’m reading things I don’t even need to read, because my mind is still hungry.
Paul Kagame
During my childhood, Washington was a segregated city, and I lived in the midst of a poor black neighborhood. Life on the streets was often perilous. Indoor reading was my refuge, and twice a week, I made the hazardous bicycle trek to the central library at Seventh and K streets to stock up on supplies.
Irvin D. Yalom
I actually buy the paper version of The New York Times maybe once or twice a week.
Nate Silver
Nothing is better than showing up twice a week, acting like a 12 year-old for two hours, and then going home.
Reid Scott
I ride a bike and use aerobic equipment twice a week, and work out with a trainer, lifting weights.
Bob Iger
It took me forever, learning improvisation, because I had studied with Lee Strasberg – I dropped out of Chicago and went to his classes in New York for a couple of years, once or twice a week. What I didn’t realize was I was learning directing because he wasn’t all that good about acting, not for me.
Mike Nichols
I enjoyed acting at school and went to an acting workshop for kids in Nottingham. It was twice a week after school and free to go to – ITV subsidised it. Every now and again, a casting director would turn up. ‘Peak Practice’ became a rite of passage for us. It was the first job I had.
Joe Dempsie
I exercise all the time, every morning, and then I do music in the afternoon. I walk two to three miles a day and do Pilates twice a week.
Jim James
There was years when my father didn’t even make a hundred grand – or barely made a hundred grand – and sure, we had a maid, but she only came twice a week. What do you think happened the other five days? You think those dishes washed themselves? You think those clothes got themselves in the hamper?
Chael Sonnen
Once or twice a week, I try to do some kind of boxing. I’m hitting the bags and jumping rope – all that stuff.
Mekhi Phifer
I had a lot of dealings with Bergkamp. I started with the under-17s at Ajax, and he was the assistant coach. Once or twice a week, we had individual one-to-one training sessions. You just watched Bergkamp. When you see him in training, he had skills that a guy just shouldn’t be allowed to have.
Christian Eriksen
It’s important to bring things back from the Space Station because, unlike somebody living at the house where the garbage truck comes by twice a week, they don’t have that in space.
Mark Kelly
As for real chicken soup, I have it once or twice a week.
Jack Canfield
I joined the Royal Ballet School when I was 13. Before then, I’d done ballet twice a week after school. The rest of my class had started aged 11, so I’d missed two years and was really far behind.
Darcey Bussell
I work out every body part twice a week, and that is what helps me stay in shape.
Ronnie Coleman
I try to take an exercise class twice a week.
Cobie Smulders