Wills And Testaments Quotes

Wills And Testaments Quotes by Tony Kushner, Harper Lee, David Stockman, Herman Melville and many others.

A play is never finished. You'll find out how much I me

A play is never finished. You’ll find out how much I mean that when you read my Last Will and Testament.
Tony Kushner
Jen and I were accustomed to our father’s last-will-and-testament diction, and were at times free to interrupt Atticus for a translation when it was beyond our understanding.
Harper Lee
The Ryan plan isn’t a budget. It’s the last will and testament of the Republican party.
David Stockman
It may seem strange that of all men sailors should be tinkering at their last wills and testaments, but there are no people in the world more fond of that diversion.
Herman Melville