Write Your Own Quotes

Write Your Own Quotes by Rachel Bloom, Bill Engvall, Chazz Palminteri, Mehmet Murat Ildan, Rita Mae Brown, Asher Roth and many others.

Men aren't actively writing women to oppress them, men

Men aren’t actively writing women to oppress them, men are writing what they know. I say you can be much better as a woman for women’s rights if you just go up there and write your own material.
Rachel Bloom
To all companies please stop using Xmas songs and inserting your own lyrics. Write your own music. I am boycotting you until you stop.
Bill Engvall
The key is you have to keep doing the right thing. Do the right thing and stay around long enough, and you’ll keep getting parts. And if you don’t, you write your own parts, which I’m lucky to do. It’s like anything else: you get hot, you get cold, then you get hot again. You just keep working.
Chazz Palminteri
A leader whose speech is prepared by others is not a leader; he is just an empty and stupid bottle! Use your own ideas and your own brain; write your own speech, just like Gandhi, Churchill or Nehru! That is indeed a good ethics and a good honour!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
If you don’t like my book, write your own. If you don’t think you can write a novel, that ought to tell you something. If you think you can, do. No excuses. If you still don’t like my novel, find a book you do like. Life is too short to be miserable. If you do like my novels, I commend your good taste.
Rita Mae Brown
You should be able to drink a clean cup of water and you should be able to write your own name. That’s the kind of stuff that holds dear to me, not I’m the best rapper. That doesn’t matter to me. At that point it’s all ego to me and I don’t want to be driven by that and I try my best not to.
Asher Roth
Life’s like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending. We’ve done just what we set out to do. Thanks to the lovers, the dreamers and you.
Jim Henson
If you don’t like a language, you can go write your own.
Helen DeWitt
Write your own part. It is the only way I’ve gotten anywhere. It is much harder work, but sometimes you have to take destiny into your own hands.
Mindy Kaling
Life’s like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending.
Jim Henson
Write your own book instead of reading someone else’s book about success
Herb Brooks
Especially as an artist who has been signed to one of the majors throughout my last ten years, you don’t always get to write your own music.
Kreesha Turner
There comes a point in your life when you need to stop reading other people’s books and write your own.
Albert Einstein
Improvise.В  Write your own damn story.
Eric Lange
If you don’t like my book, write your own.
Rita Mae Brown
People have been telling me I’m a failure and that I’m doing it all wrong for 20 years now. Never trust anybody when they tell you how your story goes. You know your story. You write your own story.
Kevin Smith
If you write your own tools, you can sort of see new things, design new things.
Saul Griffith